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  • jj: I love how you get so embarrassed about writing porn, by the way.
  • me: I'm actually the worst. I like black out and then I wake up and there is a porn fic in my google docs. I don't know how it keeps happening.
  • jj: You’re like Hannah Banner, the Incredible Porn Writer.
  1. iamsnortythevampyr said: you two are seriously the best alpha-beta pair in existence. <3
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  3. claysaunt said: you are my hero Hannah. :)
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  5. novaforever said: It’s okay because I got really embarrassed animating your porn.
  6. venuscomb said: I wrote a poem that way once. I woke up next to page full of my handwriting and unfamiliar words…
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  8. ididntmeanyou said: I ship this friendship so hard. Also, YAY FOR PORN BLACK OUTS!!!
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