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so i’ve been watching revolution and while i think it’s largely ridiculous and implausible it did make me kind of sad. because what if all the power did go off and you were on your computer talking to one of your friends on the internet and at first you just think it’s a powercut and you’re confused because your laptop should have stayed on with battery power and it’s a bit odd but you know it’ll be back eventually so you just wait and maybe it’s pretty late so you go to sleep and you can talk to your friend when the power comes back on. but when you wake up the power still isn’t on and you go outside and it’s everywhere so you start to freak out but you think that somewhere someone is working to get this fixed so it’s okay you’ll get to talk to your friend again. but the power never comes back and your friend lives on a different continent and there’s no way now of communicating across that ocean between you so even though you think about your friend every day and wonder if they’re okay and if they figured out a way to survive this you never get to talk to them again.

  1. ratherembarrassing said: NO.
  2. starsplit said: Gee thanks for getting me all depressed….wow, what would the world be without electricity…weird thought
  3. duckayeh said: *hug* also, this is one of the main reasons why my best friend and i make life plans in which we always live in the same city. because end of the world plans? we have the lot of ‘em. but man a world w/o electricity would suck. *glomps*
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  5. themostrandomfandom said: Um, make me cry much? I’d probably have to find some way to travel across the country by wagon and then build a boat to sail to the UK just to make sure you were okay. #brotp: separation anxiety
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  7. astrangerhere said: all i see is a fic prompt there.
  8. itsmayonegg said: I thought about that, too, while watching the pilot. I would have no way to reconnect with all my internet friends. They’d be gone from my life forever, instantly.
  9. lovecanbesostrange said: The premise of Revolution is the scariest thing in the world right now. We are used to live in a world where terror can strike in major cities - but we have found friends all over the world to talk to. A flip of a switch - and they’re gone…
  10. ijustkeepitmovin said: Jesus Hannah,now im scared.lol
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