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bioshock au fic finished. 25k. possibly killed jj. going to sleep now so i’ll post it tomorrow once i’ve worked out if i should split it or post it in one go. opinions?

  1. ratherembarrassing said: GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEE. that is my opinion.
  2. littleoases answered: girl you cray
  3. iwouldcurseworldsforyou answered: hdkjfhdkhskjhdsj ALL OF THE BIOSHOCK AU.
  4. sarah-crewe answered: Post it in one go so we can join JJ.
  5. themostrandomfandom answered: If anyone’s wondering, I am in fact dead right now, just FYI.
  6. ididntmeanyou answered: Post it in one GO and RIP JJ <3 you will be missed. (please Han feel free to kill her any time)
  7. sipsofmymiind answered: i’m actually a fan of splits, it tricks me into thinking the end of the story isn’t near
  8. lovecanbesostrange answered: Congrats, have a cake (no lie, for sure). All in one splice… I mean go, sounds good.
  9. ohhheyitsnic answered: i think i might pass out from excitement actually. bioshock au brittana???!! jdshfjksdhfjkdshj post it alllllll
  10. socallmedaisy posted this